Collections & PlayShoots

Baby Collections Multiple sessions with the studio always provide our clients with more!   We love seeing our repeat clients & we want to see you more often!! Therefore we offer several options for Baby Collections to fit every client & budget.  Repeat clients are offered discounts on multiple sessions & studio products as well as print ready discs with every session.  Read more & sign up for our Preferred Client program here. We offer plans convenient plans that include […]

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Engagement Sessions are FUN!

 This session is the perfect example of why engagement sessions can be fun!!  I meet so many couples that DREAD having their photos taken (uhum,.. the guys especially!).  But afterwards, they breathe a sigh of relief understanding that it can actually be fun.  You’re in love, you enjoy one another.. it’s the honeymoon period at its finest!!  Take advantage, get some fun, amazing photos of who you are together!! Here are some fun shots I got with megan & sam last […]

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Nervous about your Photo Session?

Hooray!! Our family shoot with the fabulous Adrienne Maples is booked!! Now what…….. If you are anything like me, there is a level of uncertainty, maybe even a little anxiety leading up to your session. Adrienne is my boss and my friend, yet I still put a lot of pressure on myself that we won’t get that one perfect shot. You know, the one where everyone is genuinely happy. The one take between the little moments of chaos.

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Birthday Baby

Precious little Savannah was born in March almost a year to the date of my own sweet daughter. And I have been blessed with capturing this family since the birth of their first child, Jameson.  Of course he has now grown into an adorable little boy who is falling quite nicely into the role of a protective big brother.  (Here are a few images from their snow shoot .) I wanted to share some fun images from our celebratory shoot for little Saavy’s first birthday.   She […]

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Making new friends on a Saturday

  As we gain experience, the desire to teach and share ideas grows with every season. So when Adrienne decided to begin teaching workshops, it seemed like an obvious next step — new friends sharing ideas and vision. Saturday’s workshop was a validation for us that the workshop is indeed a fabulous way to gain valuable experience and, of course, new friends. Workshops will continue throughout the season. For now, however, take a look at some scenes from Saturday’s class! […]

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Birth Day- Elsie is born

I got word from Ashley that she would be induced Friday morning… her blood pressure had been elevated so the doctor decided that February 8th would be Elsie’s birthday.  The moment I got the news I was excited… happy to be a part of this day in their lives… Nervous for her.. Anxious for her.. Excited to meet this baby & watch her open her eyes and take her first breaths.  It’s an amazing experience. Never did I think I would involve myself with documenting births.  […]

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Camera How?! {March Class}

Our January workshop was a huge success & we learned a lot.  Most importantly, we learned that our one-on-one attention clearly helped our attendees ‘get it!’ And everyone left insired.   We’re offering another Camera How ?! Basics for Moms class on March 2nd.  So if you are waiting on an opportunity to learn with Adrienne, this is it!  Our Camera How?! workshops are designed to teach you how to master the basics & find the light.  We’ll help guide you into thinking a little differently about composition & what can make or break […]

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Anyone Can Do It, Part 2

  Before the holiday, I started a new series (Anyone Can Do It). In the first post, I talked about the importance of knowing your competition. Often, we believe our competition to be a specific set of pro and semi-pro photographers in our price range and style. But, they’re not. Our competition is all around us, and they’re often armed with more advanced equipment than we have in our own bag! In this post, I’m going to step back and talk about […]

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Anyone Can Do It, Pt. 1

  This will be the first of a five part series I am dedicating to young professionals and amateur photographers. Enjoy!  We love to make plans. As children, we plan our future with the eclectic and colorful strokes of a fresh imagination. Imaginations are one of our favorite childhood toys. As we age, however, the necessity of the plan  becomes painfully un-fun and realistic. Tangible necessities like food and transportation wash away the masterpiece we once created … only to be replaced with a simple, […]

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Preferred Client Loyalty Program Starting in January 2014, we’ve instituted a new policy to insure our repeat clients stay happy!  We appreciate your loyalty & want to thank you. Benefits of Preferred Status Preferred Clients will receive their images from every session in a share ready format for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & any other online purpose. Full resolution print discs are available for purchase without a minimum print fee. Depending on the type of session, preferred clients receive 1-5 enhanced digital files from each […]

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