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    Your wedding day will always be remembered as one of the best days in your lives together.  Memories with loved ones are precious & it’s easy to loose site of the important moments- the real moments- that

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    Our studio is located in the heart of historic Overland Park.  Furnished with lots of antiques & neat finds that Adrienne has collected over the years. We offer individual studio sessions Tuesday, Wednesday

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    We see light and we know people – both are at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful works of art that feature your family moments. We’d love to capture your family to create a

    Signature Sessions: Simply Gorgeous

    We offer in-studio or at home boudoir sessions starting at $550.   All sessions include a digital collection of files.  Our studio sessions take place at our studio located in downtown Overland Park, Kansas.  Our


For me, January means another birthday and just like that… I am 35.

I could swear it was just a few years ago that I was a young 22… a recent college graduate about to backpack alone through Scandinavia (yes- true story).  A week before taking the journey of a lifetime, I bump into Mr. Scott Hacker & fall head over heels.  Just the thought of him took my breath away, and I feared that if I left the country I might never see him again.  Reluctantly, I still went on the trip.

A month later, when I returned, he was there to pick me up & away the years went.

And here I am… half way to FORTY.  It’s so silly to think about the 22 year old me… she was far less cautious, blindly charging forward, stubbornly dancing through life- not quite yet understanding the pitfalls of true ‘responsibility’.  I don’t think it’s a concept I quite understood until my late 20′s.

I started my business at the ripe age of 22 along with the help of the new man I was madly in-love with… The first few years were trial & error- learning from my mistakes.  Choosing the kind of projects that were right for me  & it seemed the right kind of clients seemed to follow. When I turned 30, after being successful for 8 years, I finally felt like a legitimate business woman and not just an art student fumbling through life.

Every year on my birthday I set my goals for the year.  I write to my younger self shedding light on how I am wiser another year older.  The truth is that I am aware of it all the time.  I can look back & see what I once held as important is so trivial in hindsight.

These realizations help keep me moving forward & not backwards…

  1.  Life is better in my 30′s than in my 20′s.  Yes, it’s true.  At 35 I am finally the confident person I have always sought to become.   But the truth is that I always was, I just didn’t believe it enough.
  2.  Perfection & procrastination go hand-in-hand.  Moving forward I will strive for less perfection & hope to teach my child there is more to life.
  3. Raising a child is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  It’s more than a job, more than a career… it’s a way of life.  It changes you at the core & brings with it more happiness and frustration than I could imagine.  It makes me strive to be the best I can be, I want to be the best example for her.
  4.  Sickness can hit anyone, anytime, at any age.  It will change your life.  Try hard to enjoy the happy moments- the in-between of life & of course, hire a great photographer to tell the story of your family at least once a year.



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You spoke, I listened.  Most of you said you need motivation to schedule portrait sessions & help selecting products to decorate your home.

So I want to give you a reason to make memories in 2015 and pair the perfect product with your session.   We’re starting a year of specials offers for every month.  I’m making a list of my favorite products & I’ll be featuring something different every month!  I’ll also have a variety of session special offers this year!  We’d love your feedback!!!  

PLEASE leave a comment below if you want to suggest something for us to feature?!

We will feature the monthly offer on our Blog & Facebook (& via direct email if preferred). Come to the blog by the 5th each month to learn specifics & to take advantage of the current offer.  Every few months we will offer a bonus products for our preferred clients!  Go here to learn more about becoming a preferred client with our studio.


Babies Don’t Keep, Our Simply Studio sessions for your little ones {200} scroll down to learn more or Sign up Here

Bring your little one in for a studio portrait in January!  Whatever the milestone, Adrienne will capture it for you!

COST: Session fee is $200 (no tax, digital files will be provided via direct download)

DETAILS: Session in our Overland Park studio with Adrienne, timing is individually based per child, you’ll receive 3 enhanced files via direct digital download.

HOW to SIGN UP:  Complete our client information form found here on the blog.  When ask to select your session, choose “Monthly Feature”.

How to prepare for your session??

Definitely bring a snack & drink for your child and prepare to sit back and RELAX.  I’ll do the hard work wrangling your kiddo- no need to intervene :)

Clothing & props??  Keep it simple-  Most of my best work are the images that show personality- fun moments & expressions that can’t be anticipated or predicted with children!  Let them show off & BE themselves!!

A few things you might want to consider bringing to your shoot?  My studio is relatively neutral- but before you dress your kiddo, think about what colors are in YOUR home.  If you are wanting wall art for your home, consider a simple color palette or keep things neutral with a pop of color for emphasis.  Here are some suggestions on what to bring:

  • throw your stuff into a clothes basket, include fun accessories, oversized toys, fun hats, ribbons & bows, boots, fur.. whatever you think is fun & shows the personality of your kiddo at this stage  (stay away from logos or clothing that might ‘date’ your session)
  • feel free to grab a few personal items from their room that might further personalize your session: a favorite lovey, stuffed animal, wooden toys, things from your childhood, anything with personal significance
  • blankets or anything with nice texture

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Another holiday season is coming to a close and a New Year is about to begin.  It’s amazing how quickly time passes as we watch our friends get married & have children of their own.  It can be so difficult to savor sweet moments in between the hustle & bustle of daily living.  The holidays are always an exciting time… ESPECIALLY for the newly wed or the newly engaged!  I thought this was the perfect time to reflect on one of my favorite weddings from the year & share a few tips with those who’ve JUST gotten engaged!

It’s a wonderful time- celebrate, cherish & ENJOY this moment in you lives. Because within the blink of an eye, you’ll be looking back through your own wedding album asking where has the time gone?

Here are a few things I’d like to share with you to help you ENJOY this time to the fullest!


I first met Emily when I was pregnant with Emmaline ; we were both at a baby shower for a mutual friend.  As with everyone that meets her, I was instantly taken with her generous nature and beautiful soul.   In fact, everyone teased Tyler about holding onto this one… and alas, when the time was right, Tyler made his move.

I’ve learned many things over the last twelve years I’ve been capturing weddings.  Since Emily asked my opinion throughout the process, I thought it’d be fun to reflect on some of the things that made her wedding day run perfectly.

  • Don’t RUSH into wedding planning OR setting a date!   It’s likely that your fella has just spent a bunch of time & energy planning your awesome proposal. Not to mention the expense of buying the perfect ring?!? Give him a break!  Start simple… talk about your idea of style with your partner.  When Selecting your Date?!  Most couples book their venue & photographer FIRST- and base their date around the season they’d prefer.  Other wedding professionals can do multiple weddings on any given date.  Before you set your date, make sure you can get the venue & photographer you want.
  • Hire a coordinator and save your sanity!!  You don’t have to hire a full service coordinator but at least consider a ‘Month’ or ‘Day of’.   It’s worth the expense when it’s all said & done.  Often times you’ll SAVE money with a coordinator because they make the correct estimates & prepare effectively for all outcomes. (Emily hired someone to help for the month before & day of coordination- Jessica with Just Hitched.)
  • Limit what you share on Social Media throughout the process.  ‘What!?’ you say??  “But I want to share?!?’   Yes, but sharing also means opening yourself to bad ideas, uneducated opinions & unwanted advice.  This can cause unnecessary stress!   Weddings are full of very personal decisions. Its usually best to talk directly with trusted girlfriends who’ve already been through the wedding process.  Ask her to share what she learned, her regrets & her BEST decisions.
  • Plan a little surprise for your partner on wedding day!  Most brides & grooms exchange gifts on wedding day.  This is a normal tradition in our day & age.  But why not make it a little more magical?!  Yes, we have seen firework displays… but it can be something simple.  When Tyler & Emily saw each other for the first time on wedding day, he was waiting for her in front of a 1964 Rolls Royce! Not only was it a nice surprise but the addition of a classic car added a timeless element to the photos! (Pech Limo provided the classic car & Percy was our expert driver.)

The Wedding Team:

Ceremony & Reception:  Dark Horse Distillery

Floral Design: Hitched Planning + Floral

Wedding Coordinator: Jessica with Hitched

Entertainment: DCal

Hair & Makeup:

Transportation: Pech Limo

Photography: Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios


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At 3 and a half years old, my daughter still sees the world through the blissfully enchanted eyes of an innocent child.  Without the burdens of the world or the complications of life.  She made me a mother and thus changed everything.  Amazing isn’t it?  It took me some time to truly embrace motherhood.  The first few years are such a whirlwind of changes with a steep learning curve.  The moment you realize becoming a mother means you’ve opened yourself up to the wonderful world of open ended guilt…  constant judgement from strangers & unwelcome advice.  BUT you’ve gained a friend for life and an unconditional love that can not be measured (until teenagers, I suppose?) My sweet baby girl will be 4 in March and I *think* I am finally starting to ‘get it‘… and the Holidays are the best part of it all.  It’s still magical to her.. and I know it won’t be for long.  I know I must take advantage of these short magical years & make the most of them.  It’s priceless watching the amazement in her eyes for the smallest things.  I can not imagine my days without knowing her, without knowing this spark of wonder.   She is my tiny ray of sunshine, constantly surprising me & making me laugh out loud at the most random things. I am enjoying the holidays… dancing around the living room like no one is watching- just the dog.  We are making peppermint play dough, salt-dough ornaments, holiday cards- and watching lots Christmas movies in our pj’s while munching on popcorn.  These are the days… Who knew?! A few things I find magical about Emmaline:

  1. Her favorite color is blue.  She wants blue everything.  She recently told me our house would be better Blue.
  2. She loves kitties.  Hello Kitty by far her favorite, but just about any kitty will do.
  3. Pete the dog would be better… if he were a kitty.

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I met the mother of the bride last August while I was photographing another wedding.  Janice was the wedding coordinator at the wedding of Mallory & Tom- a gorgeous day at Indian Hills Country Club.  So I was excited when I learned that her youngest daughter was engaged & planning her wedding in downtown Kansas City at the Firestone Building Event Space.  I had never worked there before & I was excited to see the view from their rooftop!  I loved the exposed walls & the tall wall-to-wall windows– the light that shoots through in the afternoon was exquisite.  And I ran into one of my favorite people at the church, Mrs Cindy Patrick.  She is the coordinator for the Christ Community in Brookside- a special treat to see her!

View a few highlights from the day on our proofing site : Amanda & Alex

Wedding Day Details/ Kansas City:

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  • Lori porter

    The most amazing pics I have ever seen!!! You all are just beyond beautiful and I can see and feel the love surrounding your special day!!!!!! CONGRATS MY LOVELIES!!!

The secret to maintaining a blog is to actually WRITE on it…to share with the public what’s going on behind the scenes- And if you are here, you are probably asking, ‘Where is that AMAZING wedding you’ve been teasing us with on Facebook???  We’ve been waiting?!’

I supposed my hesitation with Rebecca’s wedding was that there was TOO much I wanted to share…  as I’ve been culling through her event, I continue to find moments that I cherish.  I must admit, when I arrived that Saturday I was overwhelmed with the beautiful things going on everywhere.  When I visit the Oakwood Country Club a few days prior to the event, things looked MUCH different..  but after several truck loads from Dan Meiners on wedding day, things were breathtaking.  There were flowers & colorful up-lighting EVERYWHERE.. Dan & his team were busy little bees.. buzzing in every corner of the club.  Ellyn Bold, the event designer, was everywhere all at once making sure things were perfect & in there proper place.

While the Fall season is already flying by, it’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 weeks since Rebecca & Jason momentous celebration!   This was one of the most theatrical weddings I’ve ever has the pleasure of attending!  There was a great display of fireworks when the couple was first introduced (a surprise orchestrated by the father of the bride!).

And I must say, this grand event was not without it’s challenges for a photographer- I had to remain on my toes!  I was so very thankful to have my friend Maura Coleman-Murray in attendance filming all of the grand acts!  Check out her teaser video, it will have you a little misty eyed :)  VIEW IT NOW then come back for more still imagery.

Thanks to an ever amazing team!  Now on with the show.

Ceremony & Reception: Oakwood Country Club
Fireworks Display::
Design & Floral: Studio Dan Meiners
Band: Karen Lloyd Band
Wedding Coordination: Ellyn Bold
Cake: Rama Sola
Makeup: Shannon Senton
Gown: Laura’s Couture
Lighting Design:

Photography: Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios (w/Ashlee B)

Still want to see more??  All of Rebecca & Jason’s galleries will be online by Nov 1st & can be seen here: Rebecca & Jason

Want to purchase books, fine art or fancy albums??? Shop online, see all of our products & gift offers HERE


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  • Thank you friend! A compliment from you means so much. As always, I enjoy our Saturday’s together!!

  • These are stunning Adrienne! What a beautiful couple and you captured the emotion and joy of the day perfectly! I can’t wait for our next wedding together!

Give the BEST gift this year-

Treat yourself to a family portrait session with Adrienne!!  Our sessions are full of fun & designed to capture all of the little things that make your family memorable TODAY!!  Read more about THE EXPERIENCE here.

Use the form below to sign up for your Fall session.  We will send an email confirming your request & call to schedule your date.  Please indicate below a specific date you have in mind.  Please know that dates are available on a first come first serve basis.

We have limited dates available- so schedule ASAP.  We provide priority scheduling for our preferred clients.  Want to learn more about our preferred client loyalty program, go here!

REQUEST Your Session

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When I started this business, twelve years ago,  my husband helped me set some basic rules.  One of the ground rules was never work for family or friends.  At the time, just starting my business, it was a good rule to stick to as I learned the ropes.  It’s someone’s WEDDING day and sometimes expectations from the beginning can be insurmountable.   Capturing a wedding day is something I didn’t want to screw up.. especially for a family member.  I’ve heard far too many horror stories about wedding photographers & I never wanted to be included in one of those stories! So I’ve always tried to remain selective about each wedding that I agree to undertake.  I am completely honest about expectations from the first moment we discuss THE day.  Some things can not be done given location/ weather/ timing & various other logistics that can spin a day out of control.

But now that I’ve been doing this for twelve years, after receiving ‘Best of the Best’ accolades year after year- I know I am the best person for the job- especially for a beloved family member.  These days, I know I won’t screw it up :) I know I won’t let them down… even in the pouring rain.  When Melissa wrote me to tell me she was engaged- I was beyond happy for her.  I was even more thrilled to know that she wanted ME to be the one to capture the day.  I was honored that she wanted me to be a special part of the celebration & more so, I was looking forward to spending more time with her & her sisters throughout the process.
For Melissa & Michael- the day started hot & muggy.  After the noon hour, the clouds began to gather & the sky turned dark.  It poured on & off for hours leading up to the ceremony.  If you know me, you know I love a challenge… the rain is an opportunity for a different kind of beauty.  On this special day, I had this picture perfect couple- a bride who’s smile lit up every room, in spite of the downpour.  So in between the bursts of rain, we played outside- we frolicked in the fresh air brought to us by the rain clouds.  No one complained, they were all smiles- even when the rain forced the ceremony under the tent.

I have so many MORE images to share.. but I am stopping myself, for now.  I’ll be back later in the week to share ALL of my favorites on their personal online proofing page!

More Soon.  xxoo

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The hottest week of the summer began on August 18th- the humidity index could rival the years I spent in Savannah, Georgia.  The persistent heat & humidity is one of the reasons I left the South!  Alas the summer here in the Midwest has been AMAZINGLY mild, beautiful, enjoyable.. but the day Emily & Lucas got married the heat index was well into the 100′s.  Sweltering is the appropriate word.

But that didn’t damper their spirits.  We enjoyed the accommodations of the Mission Hills Country Club.  As it turns out, the perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon!  Despite any adversity faced on any given wedding day (from evil church ladies, the insane heat, pouring rain, and a lost officiant,… to name a few!), the moments captured are true to the day.  And in the end everything becomes perfect in it’s own special way.  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Short- you didn’t let anything phase you!

Keep reading if you want to know what happened with the church lady- or feel free to skip & just look at the lovely pictures!

Now- about the church lady…  you may notice that my ceremony pictures seem ‘out of place’ & limited in comparison to my normal shots from a ceremony. The church lady had one the ushers pull me out of the sanctuary.  She was kicking me out!!  Yes, that’s right.  The church lady told me: ‘You can’t be in there.  The guests shouldn’t see you right now or at all!!’ But none of this had been discussed with the bride prior.  I was stunned, “What do I tell the bride?’

When I am allowed to do my job properly, I am in all the right places during the ceremony & guests barely notice me.  For me, the worst part is watching the emotion from afar & not being able to capture it the way I would normally.. the way I would CHOOSE TO TELL THE STORY.

Bravo Church lady.  You’ve done it again.

View a slideshow of some of our favorite images NOW:

All of the images will be ready within the next 2 weeks under ‘WEDDINGS’ via

Wedding Vendors

  • Wedding Coordinator: Madi Sanders w/ Soiree Event Designs
  • Floral Design: Diana Stabenow of Maple Lane Designs
  • Wedding Cake:
  • Wedding Gown:
  • Catering: Mission Hills Country Club
  • Reception Venue: Mission Hills Country Club
  • Band: Michael Beers Band
  • Ceremony Village Presbyterian Church (beware of church rules for photographer)
  • Photography Adrienne Maples PhotoStudios with Ashlee Brewer
  • Hair and Makeup:
  • Rentals & Lighting: Landers Visions
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  • Adrienne Maples

    Congratulations to the amazing couple! It was an honor celebrating this most special day with you.


We have so many clients that we are happy to see every year!  I get to watch the kids grow & change.. become themselves.. it’s an amazing experience that I cherish more & more every day.  Watching my own child is teaching me things & opening my eyes to things I’d long forgotten I enjoyed.  Her enthusiasm for life inspires me..

  • Newborn In-Studio: $300 (online proofs, 5 digital files w/printing rights) 15 image printed 5×7 set

  • Newborn At Home: $550 (online proofs, disc of ALL images) 15 image printed 5×7 set

Want Adrienne to come to you? (At home sessions are ideal for fussy newbies or anxious mommies!!)

No problem.  In-home newborn sessions are available for $550* & include a disc of ALL of your images from the session, ready for printing.

*Only  available within close proximity to our studio.  Please inquire if traveling is required.

How to sign up?

  • Use the form below to register
  • Make you payment in full (our studio manager will follow up after your registration is received)
  • We will also send information on how to prepare for your shoot (don’t worry, we are VERY laid-back)
  • Text us when the baby arrives so we can officially get you into the calendar!

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What is you due date.

By submitting this form, you agree to be contacted by the studio to set up a newborn session. If you are submitting this form prior to your due date, you will be entitled to our newborn special rate!
 Yes, I agree No, I don't agree

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How do I love Mariah… let me count the ways?!?  I first met this wonderful lady when she was just 14 years old, at her older sister’s wedding EIGHT years ago.  I was there capturing all of the magic on the family farm & little Mariah was a bright ray of sunshine.  I think everyone that knows her would agree that she is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet.  Kind, generous of spirit & a LOT of fun to be with.  She & her partner in life, Eli Samek, have know each other since they were kids and started their life long relationship as best friends.  A perfect start for a perfect pair.

I think I may have cried a little when Mariah called me & said she was getting married… “But you are just a baby!? How can this BE??!’   Of course, Mariah kindly reminded me that it had been 8 years since her sister got married & that she was now graduating from college.  She had know Eli for a long time & she assured me I would fall in love with him instantly.  And I did. I was so happy that this lovely girl had met someone equally as wonderful.

What a weekend it was!  Mariah planned a similar wedding to her sisters: it was held on the family property with lots of fun vintage pieces sprinkled throughout the space.  The tables were each unique, displaying something different & fun throughout the reception tent.  They said ‘I Do’ beneath the very same tree the Sarah & Scotty did many year before.  And the same tree that they swung from the tire swing when they were little girls.  Their father, Gary, officiated the ceremony & it was moving to see him get a little choked up as he married off his baby girl.

After a wedding like this one, I vow I’ll always shoot weddings in some capacity.  I felt at home with this wonderful family & throughout the day I shared hugs & laughs with familiar faces.  I still enjoy the magic & capturing the beginning of something amazing. What I provide becomes an important piece of history to the families that trust me… and no one shoots a wedding quite like I do… crawling around & hiding where I can… memorizing everyone’s names & familiarizing myself with the family… yeah, I’m just a little crazy!!  And that’s how I do it… a little crazy goes a long way!


View some of our favorite images from the day NOW

All of the images will be ready to view online by mid-July under ‘WEDDINGS’ via

Wedding Vendors


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At the last moment, Adrienne asked me to accompany her to a wedding taking place in Lawrence the last weekend of May.  Since I graduated from KU a second generation jawhawk- I am very familiar with Lawrence & love a reason to spend the day there.   As with most of her weddings, Adrienne was excited for months leading up to the big day.  But this one was just a little different… Adrienne met Allie and John at the very beginning of their courtship through her clients (now friends), the fabulous Gates/Calderon clan.  Before she actually met the pair, she’d heard was how kind and beautiful Allie was while John was known to her as a witty but charming multi-media artist.  Leading up to their engagement session, Adrienne was a little nervous about photographing another artist. But very quickly she realized John is a pretty hilarious guy, and Allie was truly just as sweet and kind as everyone had claimed.  Their session was fun and they made it easy to create beautiful images. Fabulously fun couples in love make for great time AND amazing images!

Now we all knew that Allie she was attempting  to pull off this amazing wedding at a new venue without a planner- which is NOT for the faint of heart!  However Allie’s planning put some wedding planners to shame. If we could, we’d share her spreadsheet that laid out every vendor, their contact information and a schedule of the wedding weekend. It was functional and beautiful! Not only did Allie plan the whole thing, but she was at the Cider Gallery first thing in the morning to execute most of it herself! She planned her own perfect day, and it was just that- perfection.

One of our favorite moments from the day happened at the beginning of the ceremony while Allie was being escorted down the isle by her father.  As they walked in, Allie’s gorgeous embroidered and beaded veil caught on the hardwood floor!!  Allie’s reaction, captured in some of the images below, seemed to like a signal for her to mentally transition from wedding planner to bride. It was like we could see it happening – she smiled her beautiful smile, her shoulders relaxed… Joy spread across her face. Allie’s future mother-in-law, Kathleen, picked up her veil and carried it down the remainder of the aisle. A genuine, unplanned happy accident.  When Allie laughed, you could hear a sigh of relief from the crowd- everyone relaxed & laughter erupted.

The whole day was just so sophisticated and warm and lovely. From the white twinkle lights donning a huge tree in the courtyard where everyone gathered for cocktails, to the charming photos of Allie and John’s pup that graced every reception table, everything was so thoughtful. John’s artwork hung throughout the Gallery. Friends and family laughed and danced and toasted the happy couple. Allie and John’s day couldn’t have been better. We were honored to be there to capture it in images. Thank you for including us in your day, Mr. and Mrs. Sebelius!

View a slideshow of some of our favorite images NOW

All of the images will be ready to view online by early July under ‘WEDDINGS’ via

Wedding Vendors


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Wow! What a weekend. Thus far, this wedding season is serving to remind me all of the reasons why I continue to work weddings. Every year I accept fewer weddings, I wonder how long my body can handle what I put myself through on a 12 hour wedding day!? At every wedding, I push myself to the limits- crawling around like my knees don’t hurt- carrying two cameras all day- squeezing myself into a limo with floor room only, taking up the space of a small child.  Apparently the ‘gift’ of small stature was given to me so I could achieve such things.  I never realized it was a blessing until I began stuffing myself into tight spaces to get ‘THE shot’.  I’ve been shooting weddings since I turned 22 & as I approach my mid-30′s I’m finding that my body is starting to betray me after a 12 hour day of ‘wedding sport photography’!!

But after a wedding like this one, I vow I’ll never quit. I still enjoy the magic & capturing the beginning of something amazing. What I provide becomes an important piece of history to the families that trust me… and no one shoots a wedding quite like I do… crawling around like a ninja… memorizing everyone’s names & familiarizing myself with the family… yeah, I’m just a little crazy!!

I’ve never seen a happier groom. He was ready 2 hours ahead of schedule and had all of his groomsmen ready as well. This NEVER happens especially with a group this rambunctious. This was a testament to their loyalty to groom, who they lovingly refer to as ‘Big Drink’. Kaleb was ready to marry his bride and all of his friends & family were ready to support him. He was pacing the floor as we got Amanda into her gown. I head up to meet my bride & her girlfriends when I am surprised by a gift FOR ME?! When I first met my couple, I was wearing a terrible excuse for a pair of boots… a pair made of imitation leather & they hurt my feet. Apparently that’s when Kaleb decided that they were getting me a REAL pair of cowboy boots.. a slick pair of Ariats. The kind of boots you wear for the rest of your life. I was so touched that I may have cried a little bit. I am still beyond words at this kind gesture of generosity. The tears came at the realization that this couple treasure’s me just as much as I treasure them. And I am honored to be a part of their future journey.

But the pressure was on!!! I had to EARN these boots :)

Wedding Vendors

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  • I LOVE grandma’s!!!

  • Ashlee

    You want to know what else was so cute, I overheard someone asking her if she was wearing a new dress. She replied “It sure is! I only have one grandson and it’s a special day!” :)

  • And a lot of those great detail shots were caught by Ashlee!!

  • Jenn- that lovely lady is Kalebs 95 year old grandmother. She was fabulous! As a matter of fact… Everyone was!!

  • Jennifer

    Looks like it was a blast! I’d say you earned those boots for sure, but what a thoughtful and generous gesture. And can I say I’d just love to hug the beautiful lady in the navy blue dress???

Every few months the digital markets change & it’s impossible to know what to expect if you’ve used different photographers in the past.  I find it is usually necessary for me to explain the differences between RAW capture & the finished product.  My approach to digital media is based on the foundation of principles I was taught at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

There were stages to processing & maintaining your negatives.  If you don’t have a system down, it can be difficult to recognize your best work.

Therefore, Editing is approached in 3 Stages (see examples below): RAW Capture, Post Processed, Enhanced for Print &/or Artistically Rendered

RAW Capture: Initial capture of what was seen in camera, uncompressed, full data- saved to RAW drive (deleted only after all files are processed & backed up at full resolution)

Post Processed: RAW files are imported & color is adjusted, density is corrected, files are exported as compressed JPG’s- (saved as small print JPG’s AND full resolution JPG’s)

Enhanced for Print &/or Artistically Rendered: Individual images are enhanced with our signature approach to color, skin tones are evened out, wrinkles are smoothed, small distractions are removed, elements of the images are dodged or burned to artist satisfaction (files are saved as PSD editable files)

*For clients who want something truly unique, your images can be ordered as fine art prints, framed & mounted.  Based on the home & room where the image will live, Adrienne will reproduce your image(s) using the timeless look of Renaissance Art & her own signature artist renderings using PhotoShop.  Images are printed with the finest pigmented inks on archival velvet paper.

Digital Files are available in 3 formats: Share-Ready, Small Print, Full Resolution Proofs

RAW Capture: Initial capture of what was seen in camera, uncompressed, full data

Post Processed: RAW files are imported & color is adjusted, density is corrected, files are exported as compressed JPG’s

This is the finished image after being artistically enhanced.

Enhanced for Print &/or Artistically Rendered: Individual images are enhanced with our signature approach to color, skin tones are evened out, wrinkles are smoothed, small distractions are removed, elements of the images are dodged or burned to artist satisfaction

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The night before Lindsey and Matt’s wedding, I spent over an hour rummaging through my pantry and hall closet, packing my Mary Poppins bag as my husband teased me for being over-prepared. I thought about the things that could go awry on a wedding day and tried to pack a solution for each – hungry bride or photographer? Protein bars. Injury? Neosporin and bandages. Wardrobe malfunction? Sewing kit swiped from a hotel. Lip gloss, cold sore medication, tissues, tweezers. My bag was stuffed to the gills, but I was prepared!

For us, Saturday began early on the family farm. Kindra and her team of event planners were busy finishing place settings while Karyn of Sidelines directed her team as they placed beautiful freesia, grape hyacinth, flowering dogwoods and sweet centerpieces of succulents and ferns throughout the reception area. As the daughter of a former floral designer, I was in AWE of the sheer amount and beauty of the flowers that filled the space. The wonderful fragrance filled the room & it was absolutely incredible. All of this was nestled into a stunning space that Vernon and All Seasons had spent endless hours over the last two weeks constructing. They built a cocktail tent and banquet reception hall from the ground up, in the middle of a field – one of the most breathtaking receptions I’ve ever seen, constructed out of thin air.

Did I mention that a beautiful, sunny 70-degree day can feel like Dante’s inferno when you’re in a great big open field wearing all black and schlepping around two cross-body bags full of camera equipment? HOWEVER, despite my husband making fun of me for being Mary-Poppins-meets-Boy-Scout (ever prepared!), it came in handy. As we were all in the shade taking group photos, our bride talked to the kids as they opened their gifts. Matt knelt down to join them and within seconds, a look of shock appeared on his face as he exclaimed, “I think I just ripped my pants.”

Yup – there it was… About a four-inch rip, right up the back side of his slacks. Mary Boy Scout to the rescue! We excused ourselves into the house where Matt sat on the ottoman in his boxers and I sat across from him on the sofa stitching up his pants. In about six minutes flat, the pants were good as new & the rip became just another silly story. Wardrobe malfunction averted- vindication, my dear husband! I must say that while I prepared my bag the night before, I never dreamed I’d actually be sewing pants on wedding day while the groom waited anxiously in his underwear!

The rest of the day flew by in a blur. I felt guilty for sitting in a back pew while Adrienne and Ashlee snuck around the ceremony, trying to catch every little moment. But it was blissful to sit there on that padded pew, as those 20 minutes were the only 20 minutes I sat all day. Adrienne and Ashlee are SUPER Ninja WOMEN!! Energizer bunnie,s in fact! After the ceremony, everyone headed back to the farm. Vernon’s beautiful tents, with their beautiful soft flow, were filled with flowers, cocktails, scrumptious-smells and the most inviting ambiance.

As the sun was setting, Matt and Lindsey stood on the patio facing west and waiting for the moment the sun dipped below the horizon. In a flash, Adrienne was there quietly capturing the moment as she moved around adjusting her angle – I could tell she wasn’t getting what she wanted. There was a three-foot fence separating her from just the right shot. Never one to miss a moment, she held her arms up and Matt and Neal, the father of the bride, scooped tiny Adrienne up by her arms and lifted her right up over the fence! Beautiful moment, captured. What a little spitfire, that Adrienne!

In my past life, before working with Adrienne, I spent a decade planning and facilitating multi-day corporate events. It’s a calculated dance of art and science when executing an event – right brain meets left brain. Trying to include as many thoughtful details as possible to create a positive, memorable experience. Lindsey and Matt chose the absolute best team around. Every single detail was some delightful combination of thoughtful and functional and beautiful and delicious and unexpected. From the cozy lounge area tucked away by the powder room, the eco-friendly bamboo chargers embossed with their names, the gorgeous pair of tables handmade by a cherished member of the family, the cookies Lindsey baked herself as favors for each guest, to the rugged-looking gentleman hand-rolling cigars by lamplight on the patio – it was magical and flawlessly executed.  The end of evening was made complete with fireworks that reflected brilliantly over the lake.

Congratulations, Lindsey and Matt. Thanks so much for making us part of your magical day. It was absolutely an honor to capture it for you.

View a slideshow of some of our favorite images NOW

All of the images will be ready to view online by June 3rd under WEDDINGS via

Wedding Vendors


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  • […] Also, don’t forget to check out their wedding photos on (the always fun to work alongside) Adrienne Maples’ Blog! […]

  • Ashlee

    Karen – you couldn’t have said it any better. Such an amazing couple, amazing day and amazing professionals at this wedding! You did a great job helping both Adrienne and myself. I don’t know what we would have done without you and your sewing kit! Thank you!

    Adrienne – the photographs are fantastic! Great job as usual.


  • Karen! I love what you have written about this wedding. I didn’t know where to begin!? I love having you as part of our team. You are such a hard working & welcome addition to our team. This was a spectacular event & I am thrilled that you were there to sew Matt’s pants!!

  • Lisa Forbes

    These pictures remind me of what a magical evening it was! I feel lucky to have been part of such a wonderful experience! Adrienne, your work is beautiful!

How happy are we that the weather seems to have finally turned a corner!? We’ve had such a blast over the last week or two, being outside, riding bikes, blowing bubbles, planting flowers, hunting Easter eggs…

As I sat across the table from my mom and my grandma at our Easter brunch last Sunday, it dawned on me that Mother’s Day is already right around the corner. HOW? With that panicked realization at the front of my brain, I spent some time in the wee hours last night scouring Pinterest for mom- and grandma-themed crafts for kiddos. I think we found a few to try over the next few weeks. I’ll share some of my finds this week on Facebook.

I don’t know about the women in your life, but the women in mine love pictures. My mom might be addicted to her iPhone, if for no other reason than to take and receive pictures of the grand kids and share those images with her friends. It’s adorable. And now that I’m working with Adrienne, my mom is beside herself about getting professional photos to hang at home. It’s not too late to place your order in time for Mother’s Day delivery. Give us a shout at the studio or shoot me an email at and we’d be happy to rush an order for the special moms in your life.



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Emmaline skips around the living room.

She is singing to herself, something random & made-up, probably to the turn of ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’…    I could simply watch her for hours.  I smile at her gestures, completely honest… uninhibited, simple & innocent.  She is perfectly innocent & I can think of nothing but what I can do to protect her.  How can I teach her to survive this world?

This month Emmaline turned three… she is three, three, three.  I’m not entirely sure how its come so quickly?

I was warned about how terrible ‘the twos’ can be.., on the contrary, I’ve found her second year to be very enjoyable, full of funny sayings & beautiful laughter. She’s growing into her own little person.  Her insightful remarks often catch me off guard.  I didn’t expect her to connect concepts when she just recently learned to string together sentences.

I have also learned that being a mom doesn’t really happen overnight.  We are handed a newborn baby & we spend the rest of our lives developing our roles as parents.  This role evolves over time as we watch our children grow & they begin to test the limits of our control over them.  It’s an exhausting battle… much discipline wasn’t required for our two year old.  She has naturally been a very obedient child; but upon entering her third year I can see that the rules are, once again, changing & challenging me…

Slowly, I am learning what it really means to be a mother.

Funny how someone so small has changed me so much.  I think children make us all become better people.  We look to them to show us the magic we have long forgotten, reminding us that the world isn’t completely void of brightness.

Thank you Emmaline for coming into our lives during some of the darkest days & returning becoming my light. You make me enjoy everyday more.  I love you little bug, especially your sloppy wet kisses.



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  • Debbie Sakmar

    She’s a doll! Love just flows out when you have a little child loving you, doesn’t it? You were

  • Jennifer

    Shine your way Emmaline! We love you!

  • Cheryl aka Mimi

    Very sweet. She is a joy & we love watching her grow into her own little person.
    Your role as a mom has made you a better person. I look forward to the yrs of blogs ahead!
    (Esp the ones when she turns into a teen!)

It’s 1:09 am and Ashlee & I have just parted ways after a great day at the Circle S Ranch in Lawrence. It was our first wedding there; however I was first introduced to the place after my husband brought me there for a birthday getaway. I’ve always thought this place was the perfect place to get married & I was excited about shooting Colby & Hayden’s wedding on the ranch.

For a photographer who enjoys artistic portraits as well as documenting people, this was the perfect day! A laid-back couple joined by friends & family near and far, cows mooing in the distance as the rain clouds parted to reveal the most beautiful of skies. This is truly one of the many reasons I love it here in Kansas, after the rain you get a day like no other.

Some images are worth the journey to get there. Although I saw doubt creep across Colby’s face as we drove through the pasture after her ceremony. She swatted bugs out of her face & pulled at the sheet that covered her gown. The turbulent drive ended a top a hill, looking out across the rolling hills of the ranch as we were greeted by families of long horns. Colby trusted me enough to take her across fields & through the pasture on a questionable day!

Every couple is part of our comment contest! Share & link this page with your friends and encourage them to comment. For every comment we’ll give $1 to the bride & groom to put towards Fine Art Prints for their home!

View all of the images online in another week:

View their slideshow & register to view their event page here:

Details of the Day:


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  • Mary

    I can’t wait to see more pictures! Colby and Hayden were the most fun couple and Colby was just wonderful and picking everything out, starting with Hayden :) Congrats!!!

  • Katy

    Beautiful pictures! Such a fun wedding!

  • Blair Sells

    Gorgeous bride and fantastic photos!! Looks like a stunning day all around :)

  • Jennifer

    Great photos as always. Beautiful bride!

I’ve been archiving files & remembering all of the amazing moments from the last year.  I began pulling images for competition & ran across moments I had forgotten, a few I’d overlooked.  But after going back through, I found some great moments that never hit the blog.

So snuggle up as the polar vortex brings cold air throughout the Midwest & enjoy a few of my favorite wedding moments from last year!


Other Wedding Venues & Vendors Featured in this Post:

  • Indian Hills Country Club
  • Simple Elegance Wedding Coordination
  • Craig Sole Designs
  • Sidelines Custom Floral
  • The President Hotel
  • Union Station
  • Dan Meiners Event Space
  • The Sheraton, Country Club Plaza
  • Pech Limousine

All of these wedding moments were captured in & around Kansas and Missouri.  This Overland Park photography studio is available for travel throughout Kansas & Missouri: Lawrence, Topeka, Weston, Lee Summit, Overland Park, Kansas City, Springfield, Branson, .  Inquire about out of state travel. Creative wedding photography, capturing artistic, beautiful moments on your wedding day.


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PORTRAIT COLLECTIONS {multiple session}

Multiple sessions with the studio always provide our clients with more!   We love seeing our repeat clients & we want to see you more often!! Therefore we offer several options for Baby Collections to fit every client & budget.  Repeat clients are offered discounts on multiple sessions & studio products as well as print ready discs with every session.  Read more & sign up for our Preferred Client program here.

We offer convenient plans that include 2, 4 or 6 sessions over a period of 18 months.

From framed art prints to luxury books & albums, we offer a full line of products that are the perfect compliment to your beautiful images.


The PlayShoot:

Adrienne will travel to the family home & capture your family in an artistic & timeless way. Before your session begins, Adrienne will help review clothing options, scout your home for the best scenes & tailor your ideas to fit the shoot. Throughout your session, you & your family will be encouraged to interact naturally together.  Nothing is posed or forced; therefore the end result is a collection of images that beautifully  capture who you are TODAY.   Don’t let another year pass you by without capturing these timeless moments with your children!

Find out your Investment cost & current studio offers HERE.


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