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Rebecca & Jason Kansas City Wedding

The secret to maintaining a blog is to actually WRITE on it…to share with the public what’s going on behind the scenes- And if you are here, you are probably asking, ‘Where is that AMAZING wedding you’ve been teasing us withView full post »

Schedule your Fall Session

Give the BEST gift this year- Treat yourself to a family portrait session with Adrienne!!  Our sessions are full of fun & designed to capture all of the little things that make your family memorable TODAY!!  Read more about THE EXPERIENCEView full post »

SanderHoff- Melissa gets Married!

When I started this business, twelve years ago,  my husband helped me set some basic rules.  One of the ground rules was never work for family or friends.  At the time, just starting my business, it was a good rule to stick to as I learned theView full post »

Emily Gets Short

The hottest week of the summer began on August 18th- the humidity index could rival the years I spent in Savannah, Georgia.  The persistent heat & humidity is one of the reasons I left the South!  Alas the summer here in the Midwest has beenView full post »

Special Offer for Babies

  We have so many clients that we are happy to see every year!  I get to watch the kids grow & change.. become themselves.. it’s an amazing experience that I cherish more & more every day.  Watching my own child is teaching me thingsView full post »

Mariah & Eli on the Farm

How do I love Mariah… let me count the ways?!?  I first met this wonderful lady when she was just 14 years old, at her older sister’s wedding EIGHT years ago.  I was there capturing all of the magic on the family farm & littleView full post »

Allie & John | Cider Gallery | Lawrence, KS

At the last moment, Adrienne asked me to accompany her to a wedding taking place in Lawrence the last weekend of May.  Since I graduated from KU a second generation jawhawk- I am very familiar with Lawrence & love a reason to spend the dayView full post »

Amanda & Kaleb

Wow! What a weekend. Thus far, this wedding season is serving to remind me all of the reasons why I continue to work weddings. Every year I accept fewer weddings, I wonder how long my body can handle what I put myself through on a 12 hour weddingView full post »

Enhanced Images? What Does that even Mean?

Every few months the digital markets change & it’s impossible to know what to expect if you’ve used different photographers in the past.  I find it is usually necessary for me to explain the differences between RAW capture & theView full post »